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THORSafe Multi-Sig

An easy-to-use interface to create, import and manage THORChain multi-sig wallets
THORSafe is available via​
THORSafe  is a multi-sig wallet interface built for THORChain.
First formalized into the standard Bitcoin protocol back in 2012, multi-sig or multi-signature transactions have since been widely adopted across Crypto. Compared to standard method of transactions (single key address), multi-sig wallets work more similar to bank vaults: where more than one key is required to open a safe.
THORSafe solves one of the most crucial concerns for crypto owners: Security. Multi-sig wallets represent the next logical step in self-custody of funds through enhanced security and as a tool for on-chain governance.
THORSafe multi-sig wallets are represented by a THORChain address (thor…) and supports $RUNE as well as THORChain synthetic assets.

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