4️Cross-Chain Swaps

Why use 1-way state pegs instead of atomic swaps or 2-way asset pegs?

Simply put, Cross-chain bridges are a better solution than Atomic Swaps. Atomic Swaps involve a complex 6-8 process of signing cryptographic keys between two parties that require interactivity. You also need a counter-party on all trades. Cross-chain bridges, coupled with continuous liquidity pools means you don’t need a counter-party, and swaps can happen in less than a second. 1-way state pegs are better than 2-way asset pegs because assets don’t need to be wrapped or pegged. Instead of having IOU tokens, real assets can be used instead.

Why didn’t my swap/transaction go through?

Try not inputting a max amount (100%) to leave some funds for gas.

What assets can you swap and provide liquidity for?

THORSwap supports the following chains: UTXO Chains, Ethereum and ERC20, Binance Chain, TERRA (LUNA & UST).

Will all ERC20 and BEP20 assets be supported and listed on THORChain by default?

No. Only short tail assets with high Market Cap, good velocity and economic activity would have chances to win liquidity competition to get listed.

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