Trading Black Hole

Why does THORSwap need a token?

Any healthy, well-functioning market has two requirements: liquidity and trading activity.
Many of you are already familiar with $RUNE, the native token for THORChain, that is specifically designed to optimize and incentivize liquidity.
Similarly, $THOR, the native token for THORSwap, is specifically designed to optimize and incentivize trading activity.
THORSwap Trading Black Hole
THORSwap’s trading black hole brings more trading activity to THORChain’s liquidity black hole, complementing THORChain’s goals and bringing more revenue opportunities to THORChain LPs.
This match made in Asgard creates well-balanced and healthy markets where market participants are properly incentivized.
We believe THORSwap's comprehensive product suite + $THOR utility and rewards + community governance via $THOR will prove to be a powerful combination.