Efficient Emissions

$THOR supply will increase during the first four years after token launch. Most emissions will be diverted to community incentives - initially primarily staking rewards.
To ensure a more sustainable and less inflationary emission model, on September 29 staking emissions was reduced by approximately 50% from 15 $THOR per block to 7 $THOR per block.
Update: Token emissions were further adjusted on these dates: - 6 $THOR/block (Nov 2nd, 2022) - 5 $THOR/block (Dec 9th, 2022) - 4 $THOR/block (Jan 10th, 2023)
As swap revenue increases (in turn growing $vTHOR fee-share rewards), THORSwap will continue to taper this downward in an on-going effort to transition away from inflationary emissions and towards real yield.
NOTE: $THOR token supply delegated to the community remain designated for that purpose, stay tuned for future updates 🤝
For more info please read our medium update.
Visit our vTHOR Dune Dashboard for the most up to date Staking and Rewards metrics.