Create a new Keystore Wallet

How to Create a new Keystore Wallet on THORSwap

To create a new keystore wallet, you need to click the CONNECT button.

Click “create wallet”

Type in your password and then click create. But, before you do please read below!
*This is the password you use to decrypt your encrypted Keystore file!
IMPORTANT: - You will need to enter your password to sign off transactions, to unlock your seed phrase, transfer between wallets, upgrade your $RUNE, enter and withdraw funds from LP, and when you initially connect to THORSwap. - Make sure it is a secure password. - Do not Forget it! As this may cause you to lose your funds! - The best place to store your password? In your brain. Or if you are forgetful then write it down, laminate it and then store it in a safe place. Preferably in a vault in a bank with a cute but vicious guard dog.
After you click create, you will get your encrypted Keystore file:
keystore file downloaded
please store it safely! As your funds may be lost if you lose the file!
IMPORTANT: Don’t share your Keystore file with anyone, and please don’t put it on the cloud unless it is an encrypted cloud storage service.

How to find the Seed Phrase of your keystore Wallet:

After you logged in with your keystore using your password, open the wallet view and click on the "folder" icon as shown in the image below:
You will be asked to input your password, make sure to write down your Seed phrase and store it securely!
If you lose your Keystore file, the seed phase along with your password allows you to recover your wallet by enabling you to redownload the Keystore file.
Seed Phrase + Password = A new file to be downloaded.
Can I use the same 12 SEED PHRASES I am already using with TrustWallet and Metamask?
Yes, you can use any multi-coin wallet in the THORSwap. Any BIP39 standard 12 seed phrases can be used for wallet.