Wallet Management

Manage your Wallet You can manage all your connected wallets from one interface…… aka manage your multi-chain crypto assets from multiple wallets all in one place, and without leaving the comfort of your own desktop or web app.
View your wallet stats in the list or grid format to:
  • see all your stored assets from multiple wallets in one place
  • see calculated total asset values and total wallet value on the wallet page
  • keep up to date with price movements of assets
After connecting your relevant wallets, use the sidebar to navigate to “wallet”, toggle between list and grid view as shown below
Check out list view.
Wallet stats help users to recognize price volatility, market sentiment, and asset balances from all wallets.
Total Wallet balance 24 Hour Price change 7 Day Price Chart Asset Balance
New simultaneous wallet management 🛅
The most innovative updates are flexible wallet management solutions that allow you to use multiple wallets simultaneously.
Unlike single-chain based DEXes, THORSwap handles multi-chain wallets for transactions.
For example, if you wanted to swap Native $ETH into Native $BNB, you would connect an Ethereum wallet and a Binance Chain wallet to perform a native L1 swap.
i.e Connect ETH wallet from Metamask and Connect BNB wallet from Ledger
You can also connect and disconnect multiple chains from a keystore or XDEFI wallet. Select any specific chains to connect and then disconnect any specific chain. An example use case is if you want to disconnect ETH from your keystore wallet in order to connect ETH from your Metamask wallet instead.
When providing liquidity, you can add assets from different wallets. For example, if you want to add liquidity into the ETH:RUNE pool, you can add $ETH liquidity from an Ethereum wallet, and add $RUNE liquidity from a THORChain wallet.