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Community & Support

Reach us on Discord

Discord is the 🥇 place for the THORSwap community. It is where the community meets to engage, prosper and innovate.
In order for us to listen, you need to be heard — so join our⚡DISCORD.
We are fully committed to being community orientated. We are committed to continuously innovate THORSwap and improve our UX until it is seamless.

24/7 Support - We care about you.

We also strive to provide the best technical support we can, if you need support or have found a bug then create a ticket in our ⚡ DISCORD⚡ and our team will be happy to help!
THORSwap has a dedicated support channel in Discord called #support-desk. You can request support or notify us about a bug.
Please make sure to check our FAQs before opening a new ticket!