THORNames is available via app.thorswap.finance/thorname

What are THORNames?

THORNames (TNS), aka THORChain vanity addresses allow anyone to register cross-chain wallet addresses to a 1-30 long string of hexadecimal characters which include special characters -_+. THORNames are case insensitive.

THORNames simplify and humanise THORChain wallet addresses to optimize cross-chain compatibility. In short, it is a domain naming system for your wallet based on the THORChain blockchain. This will vastly simplify managing your wallet addresses across multiple blockchains.

A THORChain address can be assigned one (1) THORName to manage the other associated addresses for supported L1 Chains.

For example, Chad registers Chad.THOR and assigns it to their THORChain address, using our dedicated interface, they can then assign a wallet address to each supported L1 chain.

{"chad" :
  {"thor : "thor1egxvam70a86jafa3s0m2g3m7548gcg3kqfmfax",
   "btc" : "bc1qq2z2f4gs4nd7t0a9zzjtegu4nczhajjp90y9l9",
   "eth" : "0x04c5998ded94f8926e64a99b7dbc9f463370444c",
   "bch" : "qz7262r7uufxk89emajqm97vskzwtxrf6yquk7zfwr",
   "ltc" : "ltc1qaa064vvv4d6stgrd3tt93fp6jxywnf777j6dl8",
   "bnb" : "bnb1pa6hpjs7qv0vkd55n08yw7v7fks5tqa2xtt2gk"
   "doge" : "DNUfRBroVNhu53QXRG9vtB7t8vxwji3iG6"}

When using THORSwap, Chad can choose to send and receive correct native assets to their correct wallet addresses. Supported Wallet providers will easily be able to integrate to resolve cross-chain addresses for Chad.

Currently, there are six (6) native L1 chains available on THORChain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, Bitcoin Cash, Doge. THORNames are limited to 30 characters, including all characters a-Z, all numbers 0–9 and special characters -_+ .

How can I register a THORName?

Visit: app.thorswap.finance/thorname to get started!

More info:

THORName Fees

There is a one-time registration fee of around 10 RUNE, with a 20 tor block fee, which works out to be around 1 RUNE annually. A user who pays 2 RUNE will then keep their name registered for 2 years.

Example: 20 Rune registers the THORName for 10 years. (10 RUNE Registration Fee + 1 RUNE every year).

Pre-Registered THORNames

THORName was pre-launched in June 2021 with a number of pre-registration sales.

Pre-registered THORNames will be valid for 12 months after THORName is deployed to Mainnet. To start using your reserved THORName, simply connect the THORChain wallet you registered with, search the TNS on the THORName page, and you can start assigning wallet addresses to each supported L1 chain.

What else does THORNames enable?

UTXO chains such as Bitcoin has a memo length limitation of 80 bytes and Monero has an address length of 97 bytes. This means swapping from Bitcoin to Monero is not possible using addresses, THORNames solves this issue and allows the potential integration of more chains such as Monero/ Haven to THORSwap in the future.

THORSwap Fee-sharing Rewards for $vTHOR holders

Additionally, a shorter memo means THORSwap can accrue exchange fees from swaps on UTXO chains, meaning whenever a Bitcoin trade (above $100 in value) is done on THORSwap, 75% of the 0.3% Exchange Fee collected is rewarded $vTHOR Holders (single-sided $THOR Staking) as reward.

Renewing THORNames

THORNames will expire when the registration fee paid runs out, this is a fixed amount per year. You can register for 1 day or for 100 years, completely up to you. (The exact date is based on THORChain block numbers, not real world days - check estimate on: app.thorswap.finance/thorname)

Transferring THORNames

THORNames can be sent to another THORChain address via app.thorswap.finance/thorname.

  1. Connect your THORChain Wallet to THORSwap

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