đŸ”ēAvalanche DEX Aggregator

Permissionlessly swap 180+ Avalanche ERC-20 tokens across 9+ blockchains in a single transaction, right from your own self-custodied wallets.


By building the first ever Avalanche DEX Aggregator, THORSwap users can swap an additional 180+ whitelisted ERC-20 tokens and Layer 1 blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, THORChain in a seamless, non-custodial manner without the use of bridges or wrapped assets đŸ’Ē

Liquidity Sources

THORSwap has added liquidity from Pangolin Exchange, with Trader Joe and 1inch integration in process.

THORSwap unlocks AVAX C-Chain liquidity with direct, single transaction swaps to cross-chain to native Layer 1 assets. Our aggregator also automatically finds the optimal route for price, slippage and gas, helping users save time and fees.

By adding the best liquidity sources across the Avalanche network, THORSwap now offers a full-fledged Avax DEX trading experience that is truly cross-chain.

Avalanche users can now enjoy a truly decentralized cross-chain trading experience:

  • Trustlessly swap native crypto assets, without risk of centralized counterparties or bridges locking their assets.

  • Connect to deep liquidity from top providers across Avalanche network and THORChain.

  • Self-custodial wallets means users are always in control of their own assets.

  • Access to additional THORChain product offerings such as permissionless liquidity pooling across multiple chains and synthetic assets.

Likewise, holders of Layer 1 assets can easily swap their L1 native token to any Avalanche C-chain ERC20 long-tail asset in one transaction, without relying on bridging or wrapped IOU tokens.

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