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Provide Liquidity

Is there a pool with stablecoin?
Yes, currently you can provide liquidity to BUSD, USDT, USDC and DAI.
What happened to Impermanent Loss Protection? With the advent of Savers Vaults eliminating the need for Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP), ILP for new Dual LP deposits was removed at block 9450000 (estimated Feb 6th 7:50pm EST). Learn more: All ILP was disabled on THORChain on estimated Dec 6, 2023 (EST):
Is there a lockup period for LPs?
There is no minimum or maximum time or amount. Join and leave whenever you wish.
Where can I learn more about providing liquidity (LP)? Become a student at LP University! Join their discord server to get started here.
What is the average rate of return that users can expect when providing liquidity?
In the high risk pools, upwards of 10% and in the low risk, deep liquidity pools like BNB & BTC expect 3%-8%. However, check THORSwap for current APYs.
Can I withdraw LP symmetrically after depositing an asset asymmetrically?
No. You cannot withdraw symmetrically. You can withdraw only asymmetrically for LP you deposited asymmetrically.
If I deposited asymmetrically can I asymmetrically withdraw the asset I did not deposit?
No, you can only withdraw back to the form of asset that you initially deposited.
Deposit RUNE -> Can ONLY withdraw RUNE
Deposit ASSET (ETH) -> Can ONLY withdraw ASSET (ETH)
I entered asymmetrically but received less than anticipated? Correct. This is because when you pool asymmetrically your asset is converted into 50% RUNE and 50% ASSET (this is called re-balancing). When re-balancing you are subject to slippage and fees.
Slippage is due to the depth of liquidity pools, the deeper the pools (aka the more liquidity) the less slippage occurs. Slippage also depends on the size of the deposit. Bigger deposits occur more slippage. Until caps are unlimited then account for slippage in your asymmetrical deposits.
What ways can I withdraw my symmetrical deposit? You can withdraw your symmetrically deposit both asymmetrically and symmetrically.
Is my asymmetric deposit covered by IL Protection? Yes but the IL Protection is applied to the asymmetrical deposit after it has been converted into a symmetrical deposit (also meaning after slippage and fees). LP vs Hold is calculated when assets have been re-balanced into a symmetrical deposit.