🧠Governance Process

Welcome to the starting point of THORSwap Community Governance! This is a simple breakdown of the governance process for THORSwap Improvement Proposals (TIP for short). It is a living document intended to be owned, modified and enforced by the overall community. Full details can be found at: https://forum.thorswap.finance/thread/43684


start with a post here in β πŸ§ γƒ»community-ideas . No specific template is necessary.


(5 days minimum) - create a draft proposal on https://forum.thorswap.finance/ under 'Proposals', following these instructions: https://forum.thorswap.finance/thread/how-to-create-a-new-tip-thorswap-improvement-proposal-43683


After poll has completed with more 'For' than 'Against', it can then be posted to Snapshot for official on-chain vote. Execution - If on-chain vote passes with majority in favour, then the proposal shall be executed as specified. Any amendments should be made as a new community proposal following the above process.

Community Incentives Allocation: Purpose & Goals

THORSwap is a protocol by the community, for the community. Of the original token distribution, 50% of the total supply (250M $THOR tokens) was allocated to Community Incentives. The core purpose of this allocation is to help drive adoption of THORSwap, as governed by the community. The community is empowered to submit and vote on proposals for how best to use this allocation. Once an idea has been sufficiently fleshed out, create a draft proposal here with a poll to discuss moving forward to on-chain vote.

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