THORSwap.finance is THORSwap's DEX interface to THORChain's cross-chain liquidity, allowing anyone to trade native assets in a decentralized manner, earn yield, lend & borrow, stake $THOR, provide liquidity and much more.

The dashboard shows selected THORChain-related key metrics such as TVL, total liquidity, total active bond, total volume, 24H volume, total pooled RUNE, Liquidity APY as well as trading volume and liquidity over time.

The application allows traders to swap more than 5,000 different crypto assets across nine different L1 Blockchains with many more to be added in the future.

Liquidity providers can add liquidity symmetrically or asymmetrically to each of the respective AMM (automated market maker) liquidity pools, each consisting of 50% RUNE and 50% paired crypto asset (e.g. BTC).

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