SwapKit Integration

SwapKit by THORSwap offers a composable, open-source SDK built on top of THORChain's cross-chain liquidity protocol.
SwapKit is THORSwap's very own SDK suite of cross-chain services providing native cross-chain trading across all THORChain integrated blockchains, DEX aggregation, yield and analytics tools.
Components forming the architecture of SwapKit, excluding external dependencies from the THORChain ecosystem include:
  • SwapKit API (swaps, LP management, savers native yield)
  • Token List Service
  • Transaction Tracker
  • Partner dashboard
  • Ethereum &
    Avalanche and
    BNB Smart Chain Aggregator Contracts
  • thorswap-sdk: streamlines integration of services and interaction with smart contracts.
Follow the link below to access the full documentation for SwapKit SDK:
Follow the link below to view the full suite of SwapKit API endpoints.

SwapKit Integration & Business Partnerships 🤝

Fill out our integration form here to inquire about partnering with us and integrating SwapKit into your project. Alternatively, reach out via our Discord and make a partnership ticket in the #Support-Desk Channel.