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THORSwap is the leading multi-chain DEX powered by THORChain.

About THORSwap

​THORswap is a multi-chain DEX aggregator built on THORChain's cross-chain liquidity protocol and the #1 interface for all THORChain services such as THORNames and Synthetic Assets.
THORSwap first started as BEPSwap, launched in summer 2020 on top of THORchain's single-chain chaosnet (SCCN). In April 2021, THORSwap launched as a cross-chain DEX on top of THORChain's multi-chain chaosnet (MCCN).
THORswap currently supports cross-chain L1 swaps between 25+ crypto assets across 7+ major L1 blockchains in a decentralized and non-custodial manner.
Liquidity providers can also add liquidity to each underlying liquidity pool, allowing BTC holders to earn yield on native BTC (no wrapped or pegged BTC required).

Supported blockchains

  • ​
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    Ethereum (ERC20)
  • ​
    Binance Chain (BEP2)
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  • ​
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    Bitcoin Cash
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THORSwap believes in an open and inclusive cross-chain world. All THORSwap products and services are provided in a decentralized, scalable, and secure manner. We treat our community and protocol users (including liquidity providers, traders, and investors) as first-class citizens. This is reflected in our product offerings and the design of our native protocol token $THOR, which is majority-owned by the community.

Check out our products & services

THORSwap Website: https://thorswap.finance THORSwap APP: https://app.thorswap.finance THORYield APP: https://thoryield.com/ THORName: https://www.thorname.com THORChads DAO: https://thorchads.com THORChads Merch Store: https://thorchads.metaswagclub.com​
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