Earn (Savers)

Earn native yield with THORChain Savers Vaults with no additional asset exposure or impermanent loss.

What is THORSwap Earn?

Previously, in order to earn yield on THORSwap, one must provide Liquidity to THORChain pools consisting of 50:50 Asset:RUNE.
THORSwap Earn is the new simple way to earn yield on your native crypto assets.
By leveraging Savers Vaults, THORSwap Earn allows users to deposit single side liquidity without the risk of Impermanent Loss and no exposure to $RUNE. Quite simply: deposit your idle assets and receive passive income.

Where is the yield coming from?

THORSwap Earn yield is powered by THORChain liquidity pools. Unlike a traditional liquidity deposit, you’re only taking the asset side, without exposure to $RUNE or impermanent loss. Traditionally, liquidity providers receive rewards each time assets are traded between the THORChain pools they are supplying liquidity. i.e. LP’s who supply BTC/RUNE receive rewards any time BTC is swapped to/from via THORChain.
In the case of THORSwap Earn:
  1. 1.
    Your BTC goes into the liquidity pool to mint a synthetic BTC which is 1-to-1 redeemable for native BTC.
  2. 2.
    The BTC deposit is swapped to RUNE, and the RUNE is deposited in the pool to mint the synthetic BTC.
  3. 3.
    The synthetic BTC is backed by the liquidity pool and redeemable 1-to-1. This synthetic asset, representing a piece of the liquidity pool, earns a share of the yield that the pool generates from swaps. By taking on just the single side, the regular Asset:RUNE LPers take on extra price risk to RUNE and guarantee the redemption of the synths.
The earnings liquidity pools generate are split accordingly. The pool earnings reward the THORSwap Earn (single side) Saver with approximately 50% of what the dual-sided (Asset:RUNE) liquidity provider earns.
Your Earn deposit can be withdrawn at any time with no penalty. There is a slippage swap fee on entering and exiting, from the swaps to mint or burn your synthetic asset.
On withdraw, the process is reversed. Your synthetic asset is burned, and the equivalent claim on your native asset is withdrawn from the liquidity pool.
Note: Users have to pay slip fees when entering or leaving a savers vault. Large transactions in shallow pools will incur larger fees to save/withdraw.

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