đŸŒŋHow to Stake on Onsen

THOR-ETH Liquidity Providers are able to stake their SLP tokens for even more yield on Sushi Onsen.

Visit Sushi Onsen Farm: https://app.sushi.com/farm?chainId=1

How to Stake on Sushi Onsen

Step 1. Visit the THOR/ETH Onsen Farm and select the Staking tab. Select your SLP tokens and Approve them for staking.

Step 2. After the transaction to approve SLP is confirmed. Revisit the Staking tab and choose to Stake your SLP Tokens into the farm by entering the amount you wish to add or by selecting “Max” and then clicking “Confirm Deposit.”

Step 3. Approve the relevant fees and start growing your $SUSHI and $THOR! Farming will happen immediately once the transaction completes.

Step 4. See your rewards grow in real time by visiting the Rewards page. You can also harvest your reward here at any time.

Withdrawing Staking

To withdrawal your staked SLP tokens, simply reverse the process (by using the Unstake toggle on the Staking page and Remove Liquidity toggle on the Liquidity page).

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