Sushi Onsen Farm

Staking for THOR-ETH Liquidity Providers on SushiSwap
Visit Sushi Onsen Farm:​
On SushiSwap, yield farms are known as menus. Onsen Menus in particular allow Liquidity Providers to stake their existing LP tokens for bonus rewards.
THOR-ETH liquidity providers on SushiSwap can stake their SLP tokens in THORSwap's Onsen farm to receive additional liquidity mining rewards — in the form of both $SUSHI and $THOR.
THORSwap’s Onsen farm has no due date and will reward both $SUSHI + $THOR. The size of rewards will be decided based on pool TVL and transaction volumes.
PS: LP'ers will still maintain exposure to THOR/ETH. Please be aware of the risks involved, namely impermanent loss.
By launching the THOR/ETH Onsen Farm we are boosting rewards for LP’ers and decreasing slippage for trading $THOR on SushiSwap.
Composability is the future of Web3. We’re honored and excited to partner with SushiSwap to push the boundaries of DeFi. To learn more about THORSwap’s $THOR Token, click here.
Previously, THORSwap hosted our own LP farming contract for additional $THOR rewards. This will be deprecated and replaced by the new $THOR Onsen Farm where LPer’s can earn additional $THOR and $SUSHI staking rewards.
If you have existing SLP token staked, un-stake from v1 farm:​
…and re-stake on SushiSwap 👉​