API Integration

THORSwap offers a composable, user-friendly Partner API on top of THORChains cross-chain liquidity protocol.

Third-Party API by THORSwap

THORSwap will follow two distinct product paths, one being a user-friendly DEX aggregator interface and a gateway to all THORChain functionality, the other being a composable and easy to integrate third-party API for everyone to easily access THORSwap services.
Examples of such API functions are:
  • API for third-party wallets to enable in-wallet cross-chain swaps
  • API for coin trackers (e.g. Coingecko) to enable cross-chain swaps
  • An "auto-balancer" that automatically moves liquidity to the highest yielding THORChain liquidity pool similar to a dynamic yield-aggregator like Yearn Finance.

Benefits for Third-Parties

Besides benefiting from and extended offering for their customers, third-parties that integrate THORSwap's API will also benefit from a significant share of all affiliate fees.

More information

We will soon publish more information and relevant developer documentation for all available API services.
If you are interested in integrating THORSwap's services, please contact us directly on our Discord.