SwapKit - API/SDK Integration

SwapKit by THORSwap offers a composable, user-friendly Partner API/SDK on top of THORChain's cross-chain liquidity protocol.
THORSwap offers two distinct product paths, one being a user-friendly DEX aggregator interface and a gateway to all THORChain functionality, the other being a composable and easy to integrate third-party API for everyone to easily access THORSwap services.
Visit SwapKit dev docs at:​

SwapKit by THORSwap

SwapKit is our suite of cross-chain services which provides native cross-chain trading across all supported blockchains, DEX aggregation, yield, and analytics tools.
Components forming the architecture of SwapKit, excluding external dependencies from the THORChain ecosystem include: -Pathfinder API -Token List Service -Transaction Tracker -Partner dashboard -Ethereum Aggregator Contracts -Avalanche Aggregator Contracts -thorswap-sdk: streamlines integration of services and interaction with smart contracts.

Benefits for Third-Party Partners

Besides offering the highest-grade decentralized cross-chain capabilities for their customers, partners who integrate SwapKit will also benefit from a share of all affiliate fees earnt.

More information

For detailed information on how to integrate THORSwap Services, please visit our SwapKit dev docs at:​
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