Value Accural to $THOR

How does THORChad DAO accrue value to THORSwap?
"THORChads will become the Metaverse NFT and App Store for community projects to launch on" THORChain Community will be incentivised to launch projects via the THORChads platform, the more community projects that launch then the more value accrual to THORChads DAO, $THOR and $RUNE. To participate in the THORChads governance you have to use stake vTHOR for voting rights. vTHOR holders can vote on the following for THORChads: 1) Team projects that should be developed for the DAO 2) Community submitted projects to launch/support/campaign. 3) Community-submitted projects to provide $THOR incentives to.
Anyone can submit a proposal as an individual and/or as a team detailing how THORChad DAO can support them: 1) A Launchpad 2) $THOR incentives 3) Access to wide community 4) Marketing and reach 5) Dev Resources
Community members and community projects will be incentivised to participate in governance to vote for their own projects and community projects they like. This has wider reach in the community as followers of the projects will also be encouraged to vote as well. In theory this will increase demand on $THOR as users stake for vTHOR to participate in voting for their favourite creative projects. Large vTHOR holders will also be incentivized to create new community projects, vote on their favourite creative projects or projects that will benefit the THORChain ecosystem.
Since THORChad could become a potential Metaverse NFT and APP store for community projects it will bring an alternative revenue accrual to $THOR through the NFT minting events, auction housr and app launches etc. Evidently this would lead to the usage and burning of $THOR.