THORChad Score

📋 Overview

THORChad Score is a fun WebApp (inspired by Degen Score) to acknowledge all the “chads” and “degens” of the THORChain / THORSwap Community and reward them for their loyalty. This will be the ultimate “Proof of Chadness”. #ProveYourChadness by sharing your score on Twitter and Discord.

How is the THORChad Score calculated?

The score is calculated by analysing on-chain activity of your wallet within THORSwap, such as swapping on THORSwap, providing liquidity to THORChain Pools, holding a THORName etc. The more you use THORSwap, then the higher your THORChad score and thus the more benefits you receive.

How does it work?

Navigate to, go to THORChad Score. 1) Connect your Wallet 2) A score will be calculated for you based off your wallet's on-chain activity 3) Top Scores will earn limited edition Trophy NFTs, private discord access, airdrops, early access to new products, and much much more.

Level Up!

THORChad score will have active participation. You can rank up your wallet by completing challenges below. Monthly challenges will be released where we add additional XP to users who complete task or win challenges. Some challenges are ongoing which are yet to be completed by wallets like 100 days ILP or not removing liquidity after trading resumes.

📟 Score's Calculation

Score is calculated by linking on-chain data to points system, see below all the challenges you can complete or have completed. Note: Points from challenges are independent and not cumulative. THOR, BNB and ETH addresses are used as unique identifiers to collect data. We retrieved the data from Midguard, automatically associating all your addresses that interacted with THORSwap/THORChain with your THOR address.