About THORChads Platform and THORChads DAO.

What is the THORChads DAO?

It is the the future home of the THORChad Metaverse, where community initiative projects and apps can launch from! The THORChad DAO will serve as a community driven organisation that represents the creative spirit of the THORChain Ecosystem. It will be where creative projects will be created by the community and THORSwap. The THORChad Platform will act as a LAUNCHPAD and will be the primary destination for all of THORChain’s creative projects such as NFT’s, Fun WebApps, Games etc. This expands the community in a creative direction allowing individuals and THORSwap to access a creative hub/outlet. Projects will be curated by the community and incentivised by $THOR. It will be the hub of current community projects like THORChad Score, THORWiki, Membership Cards, THORChad PFP Avatars, NFT Trophies, and Discord Games.

Our Ethos

This is a bottom-up approach to the creative realm of crypto. We want it to be a grassroots initiative, where real creativity truly sprouts from, and where all THORChads can align. We want the DAO to instil community resilience, camaraderie and sense of belonging amongst THORSwap users. The THORChad DAO has the possibility of enabling THORSwap users to create a strong presence like a key identity within the Anon world. The creative personification of a whole community and key pinnacle members is a noble pursuit.
To participate in the THORChads governance you have to use stake vTHOR for voting rights. vTHOR holders can vote on the following for THORChads: 1) Team projects that should be developed for the DAO 2) Community submitted projects to launch/support/campaign. 3) Community-submitted projects to provide $THOR incentives to.