THOR offers utility across multiple dimensions.
We’ve optimized the design of the $THOR token to:
  • Incentivize trading, aka the “Trading Black Hole”
  • Govern the THORSwap protocol in a decentralized manner
  • Progressively decentralize towards majority ownership by the community
  • Reward positive user actions and community contributions
  • Fee-Sharing of THORSwap revenues with the community (see vTHOR)
  • Permissioned access to content and apps
  • Fund growth efforts and community projects
  • Complement and accrue value to the $RUNE token, THORSwap community, and other THORChain ecosystem assets

How to Earn THOR?

THOR will be majority owned by the community, with almost two-thirds (65%) of the total supply distributed to the larger community.
50% of THOR’s total supply is allocated as “community incentives,” to be distributed across a wide variety of initiatives:
  • Airdrops
  • LP rewards
  • Staking (see vTHOR)
  • Trade mining rewards
  • Trading fee discounts
  • Community initiatives and giveaways
  • Partner programmes like Ohm Pro, Tokemak, etc.
  • …and more to be announced

Community Governed Incentives

To ensure a balanced distribution of $THOR that fulfills the above-mentioned first principles, the weighting of THOR’s community distribution will be adjusted seasonally.
These seasonal adjustments will be informed by closely tracked metrics, and will eventually be determined by community governance.

Limited Edition Merchandise

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