Cross-Chain DEX Aggregation
THORSwap expands beyond THORChain and adds several decentralized liquidity sources across multiple blockchains.

THORSwap's future as a leading Cross-Chain DEX aggregator

By connecting multiple Layer 1 Blockchains and allowing users to swap assets between them in a truly decentralized manner, THORChain has revolutionized the non-custodial trading of assets. Prior to THORChain, cross-chain swaps of native assets required the use of a centralized exchange acting as a custodian and therefore users being forced to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer)-enabled on-boarding process.
Currently, THORSwap utilizes THORChain exclusively to enable users to swap between all supported crypto assets as well as provide liquidity to each liquidity pool (THORChain requires each supported asset to be pooled with $RUNE). Even though the number of supported blockchain and assets is increasing over time, THORChain is not built to support the long tail with a large variety of digital assets (currently mostly existing as ERC-20 representations on Ethereum or as BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain).
THORSwap is now ready to kick off the next crucial phase in its development, evolving into a decentralized, cross-chain trading experience that also supports long-tail assets by taking the role of a DEX aggregator, initially tapping into the cross-chain of layer 1 crypto assets on THORChain, as well as other decentralized liquidity sources like 1inch to support the thousands of digital assets across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Expansion Phase: Adding even more blockchains

During our upcoming "expansion phase", THORSwap will add the most important liquidity sources across multiple blockchains, following THORChain's integration roadmap. Therefore, as THORChain has integrates more Cosmos based projects, THORSwap will build liquidity channels to the most important Cosmos-based DEXs accordingly: such as Terraswap, Osmosis or Kava.