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Requesting supported Chains

Fetch the chains supported by the API.
Check out the complete API documentation for this endpoint [here].
We are continually working to integrate more chains and support more cross-chain trading options.
Retrieve a list of all the chains the API supports by querying the /chains endpoint:
const getSupportedChains = async () => {
const result = await axios.get('');
The result contains a list of chains like the following:
"ETH": "1",
"AVAX": "43114",
"THOR": "thorchain-mainnet-v1",
"BTC": "bitcoin",
"LTC": "litecoin",
"BNB": "Binance-Chain-Tigris",
"BSC": "56",
"BCH": "bitcoincash",
"GAIA": "cosmoshub-4",
"DOGE": "dogecoin"